Jellycat Cuddles and More!
JellyCat Cuddles and More, Hand Picked by Henrietta Is there anything more lovely than a JellyCat cuddly toy? Delightfully soft, reassuringly ragdoll-like and just, well, irresistibly adorable. Bedtime Stories and Bestest Bears Traditional teddies are all well and good, and we all have our old favourites, don’t we? Maybe we even still have them, sitting on a shelf somewhere, a little threadbare, but loved to bits. Literally, sometimes. And did anyone else love the Mick Inkpen book, Threadbear? Oh, how I miss those days (well, nights) of bedtime stories. Mick Inkpen books were favourites, along with Percy the Parkkeeper – and not forgetting Little Nutbrown Hare, of course. All those characters made it into beany toy tributes, too. Who was your favourite? And your children’s of course… Everyone Loves a JellyCat Cuddly But JellyCat cuddlies are that little bit different. They’re not your common or garden teddy bear (lovely though common or garden bears can be). They just LEND themselves to being trained along with a toddler, held by an ear or a leg and can happily squish themselves into – and underneath - sleepy tots in a comfy kind of way. There’s no waking up when your little one rolls over on a JellyCat in the night. Unlike a Lego robot (but that’s a whole other story). And it’s not just our little legs who love JellyCat. Oh no. Got an occasion or an event? Need the perfect good luck gift or a congratulations? Maybe a cute little something to go with an Easter Egg? EVERYONE loves a JellyCat cuddly. An A-Z of JellyCats – Anton Aardvark to a Zippy Zebra One truly unique aspect of JellyCat cuddlies is their unprecedented diversity. If you’ve a little one who has a penchant for amphibians, say, or even creepy crawlies, there is a JellyCat to suit. From bears and bunnies to dragons and dinosaurs, via all manner of puppies, ponies, kittens, and even BIG cats – lions and tigers, oh my! That’s a Wizard of Oz reference in case you were wondering. Which leads us neatly on to having the power to get home. My niece had a very favourite JellyCat cuddly, an adorable bunny rabbit known as Mini Rabbit. Mini Rabbit was lost one day, in Buxton. You can imagine the tears and panic – how WAS she supposed to EVER get to sleep again? With the power of Facebook, Mini Rabbit was reunited with her little owner (and her little owner’s ever so grateful family). Social media often gets a bad press, but there are countless feel-good stories like this one, countless happy endings – and often involving real life animals and even people. Mini Rabbit went on to share some big days and momentous occasions with my niece and was a real comfort – a little bit of home and some soft reassurance - when she started nursery. Happy Ever After with JellyCat We could ALL do with our own little JellyCat. A little someone on our side, in our corner (and tucked away in a pocket or desk drawer) when times get tough, or the missing gets too much. What a lovely little gesture to send to someone to tell them you’re thinking of them. Let’s all live happily ever after. Starting with NOW.