Hearts and Flowers and Love You Too

Helloooo! We’re in February! HOW did that happen? It’s still light at 5pm, snowdrops are popping up and even crocuses. Spring is on the way…

Hope the Year’s Still Happy

How are the New Year resolutions going? Did you make any? Have you actually managed to KEEP any? We put ourselves under so much pressure with resolutions, yet it’s important to remember that the path to improvement can start ANY time of year. The trick is to set manageable and measurable goals; perhaps a series of smaller steps towards one bigger aim. And ALWAYS be accountable. This is where planners and notebooks can make ALL the difference.

A pretty notebook and a clear planner make it a joy to keep records and thus so much easier to keep on track. We love notebooks here at Hand Picked by Henrietta and we should have lots of planners for you to choose from.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

One thing I’d advise anyone to make time for on a regular basis is self-care. It’s NOT selfish, after all, you can’t pour from an empty vessel as our grandparents used to say. And self-care is so much more than treating yourself to a facial or having your nails done (though a good massage DEFINITELY brings health benefits, and we could all use a de-stress now and then). Self-care means taking care of your health and wellbeing: eating well, exercising and talking about any worries or concerns.

I’ve made a conscious effort to get to the gym regularly and even started going to the odd Yoga class. Yoga is brilliant for mind AND body – it’s certainly not some sort of floaty, restful class! Try it, you’ll be surprised. Walking remains a favourite form of exercise – ten to fifteen thousand steps a day could really help you stay fit and well, plus fresh air and countryside are known mood-boosters. Add a happy dog to the mix, then a pub lunch at the end and you’re definitely on to a winner.

We’ll Be Your Valentine

Talking of wins, and without wishing to appear sexist, or generalising (but, let’s be honest, it’s nearly always the guys who need a reminder): GUYS. Valentine’s Day is 14thFebruary. Make sure you’re not on the losing side. We’ve got you covered for cards and balloons, of course, but buy something nice too – or else! Not sure quite what? Not a problem – and this goes for anyone, for any occasion – give us a call or pop in and we’ll do our utmost to help. We’ll even wrap it and make it look even more lovely for you. We have a lovely range of jewellery in store and online. Joma bracelets are both pretty AND contemporary, with a phrase or message to suit any relationship. A little Love You to the Moon and Back? That’s always going to be well received. Or perhaps, a little Through Thick and Thin… There’s plenty of jewellery to browse (and, don’t worry, plenty of gifts for the fellas too).

Take a look at our hampers and other hand-picked gifts, plus we’ve lots of adorable East of India gifts too. The little figurines are quite possibly the cutest – look at the penguin. These aren’t just for Valentine’s Day of course. There’s an East of India gift for everything and everyone.

Happy Days are Here Again

How lovely it is, and how much we appreciate, life being almost back to normal. Socialising and seeing family and friends, and even planning holidays. What are YOU looking forward to? Pancake day lands on the 1st March, and, fair warning, Mothers’ Day is only round the corner, too.Bookmark our website, save our number and let’s make everybody’s special day even more so.