Winter Warmers and Happy Newish Year

Winter Warmers and Happy Newish Year

How was your Christmas? I hope it was merry and bright, and chock-full of sparkles and fairy lights, friends and family. It was said to say goodbye to the tree and the decorations – somehow, they add instant warmth and cosiness, don’t they? – but once they’re down, we’re ready for a fresh new start. Plus, the house always seems a little bigger. Why not add a few pretty things from our website? We LOVE these East of India vases, especially with their inspiring, hopeful messages. Just the ticket for some bright and pretty flowers to ease us towards Spring…

Christmas seems forever ago and now, here we are, three weeks in to 2022 and things already seem to be looking up a bit. Did you make resolutions? Have you KEPT your resolutions?

Thank YOU

Before I go any further, first I must you ALL so very much, and quite genuinely from the bottom of my heart, for your love and support through the turbulence of the past two years. Whether you’ve shopped in store (when allowed) or online orhelped us spread the word and supported our socials – thank you.

We LOVE to see you in our little shops of loveliness, but we love to hear from you online, too. Even if you’re not buying right now, leave a little review, or tag us in your pics. To a small business, it means the world and makes ALL the difference.

Shop Local, Love Local

For retail – and hospitality and tourism, and let’s face it, small business generally - 2022 has to be all about onwards and upwards. Many small businesses didn’t make it out of the other side of lockdowns and restrictions, and those of us who did have a LOT of ground to make up.

At Hand Picked by Henrietta, this is also the year we celebrate our tenth birthday. Ten years in business is always worth celebrating; following on from the last two tricky years gives this birthday extra meaning. Keep in touch to be the first to know what’s planned to mark the occasion fittingly – anddon’t forget, if YOU have an upcoming occasion, here at Handpicked by Henrietta WE have the perfect gifts and cards. Make it EXTRA special. We do!

Be Kind Means More than a Hashtag

Even when times are tough, we should always look out for those for whom times are tougher. Over Christmas, we donated fifty chocolate selection boxes to local charity Little Cherubs. Little Cherubs was set up during lockdown initially, with the aim to help struggling families with clothing. It’s now expanded to equipment and toys and gave help to families throughout the festive season. Everyone deserves to have a happy Christmas and Little Cherubs were able to deliver for some children who otherwise may have had a pretty miserable time. We are proud to have been involved.

Founder Sally, a local resident, began Little Cherubs when she became aware of a huge increase in people relying on the foodbank over lockdown. Sally made such a difference that Little Cherubs was featured on the One Show for their surprise Big Thank You awards.

Community is Everything

And it’s not just Sally, as she’ll happily admit. She’s been inundated with offers of help and donations, so much so that her phone is ‘constantly buzzing’. Isn’t it wonderful to see a community come together in that way? And especially when the last couple of years have been hard for everyone, one way or another.

To quote one of our favourite shows, After Life, ‘Hope is Everything’. Here’s hoping that 2022 will be a great year. In fact, let’s MAKE it so.