Spread Your Sparkle with Hand Picked by Henrietta

All That Glitters

As the motivational saying goes, ‘Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle’. It’s right, you know. Everything’s better with a bit of sparkle. Sunlight glistening on the sea. A glint in the eye. Prosecco. Life is just better sparkling. Try and spread a little sparkle wherever you go…

Okay, so it’s too early to think about decorating for Christmas (ha-hah – except in retail, of course! Sorreeeee), but it’s always a good time to start planning and even buying the odd trinket or pressie. That said, autumn brings with it a little early sparkle – maybe to compensate for cooler days and darker nights, who knows? But, September brought us Strictly. The glitterball! The industrial quantities of sequins. The ubiquitous journey that the celebs all take.

The unexpected star of the show. The lame-duck who wins the votes. What’s not to LOVE about Strictly? Saturday nights in just got good again. Fill your glass with Prosecco (here’s a hint. Keep frozen raspberries in the freezer. They’ll not only enhance your glass of fizz, but they’ll also cool it too).
Anyone else SO inspired by Strictly that they’ve seriously considered dance classes? And, if you’re dancing around the kitchen, do so in our Snoozies! They are OH so comfy, and yet they’re SPARKLY! Maybe the best bit, though, when you’re dancing around the kitchen after a few Proseccos – they’re anti-slip. They’re just perfect for autumn and winter nights, and at just £11.99, they make the perfect Secret Santa office gift or a pressie for a bestie.

Bake It or Fake It Till You Make It

September also brought us the Great British Bake Off. It’s rarely a bad thing to have Paul Hollywood on screen, let’s face it. Baking is a fabulous Autumn pastime: a warm kitchen and yummy treats at the end of it. Well, hopefully, anyway. Apple crumble, with lashings of custard, is just more tempting in the colder months. Have you ever considered making your own Christmas cake or pudding? It’s okay to mention the C-word in this context; apparently, the cake and pud must be prepped well in advance. Something about regularly dousing them with brandy, I think. Or is that me?
Of course, if you would prefer to recreate that home baking scent without, well, the effort of home-baking, light up a couple of our Apple and Cinnamon candles instead. Shhh, got to love a clever little cheat every now and then!

Lots to Celebrate

Soon, at Hand Picked by Henrietta, we’ll have another good excuse (IF an excuse were needed) for fizz and bubbles: it’s almost a whole DECADE since we opened our doors. SOOOO much has changed in that time – without even getting me started about the past eighteen months, tiers and lockdowns. The greeting card industry as a whole has worked hard to develop more environmentally friendly ways. Indeed, now over 95% of our publishers are producing UK designed and printed cards. This, as well as supporting UK, often small, enterprises, plus artists and workers, also means fewer air miles for our greeting card range. Many greeting cards are made with recycled paper. Wrapping paper is often compostable. Biodegradable, eco glitter is now more commonly used by the companies we stock in our shop. When everything still looks lovely AND it’s ecologically sound, THAT’S what we call progress.

Sparkle and Shine

While we’re on the subject of sparkle, you’ll find many other glittery goodies online and in-store, as well as plenty of glitz, glamour and glimmer. And not just jewellery, although of course there’s plenty of that, too. Feast your eyes, for example, on THIS little beauty: our rose gold, sparkly, personalised notebook. It’s rose gold, it’s sparkly, AND it’s personalised! How’s that for another perfect present? Treat yourself while you’re at it. It’s a notebook, so it’s not even a treat really – it’s essential. Everyone loves a list, after all…
Glitter is not JUST for Christmas (though it should be pretty much mandatory from Advent onwards, with double on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and for all Christmas parties), but it certainly adds a festive edge. Already, we’re starting to feel a little festive with all the new arrivals in the shop. It’s so uplifting to have something to look forward to, don’t you think? What do YOU love most about Christmas and the whole festive season?

Come and See Us Soon

Deliveries are something we’ve not been short of despite all the doom and gloom in the news. As always, we have more than enough to choose from and more coming in every day. We stock, quite literally, cards and gifts for everybody and every budget. Also as ever, it’s all hand-picked. Hand-picked means just that. We spend time and take care to choose products, designs and companies that care about their customers and care about the environment. That way, YOU get to hand pick the PERFECT gifts or goodies, glittery or otherwise.