Seasonal Scents and Autumnal Offerings

The change of season from summer into autumn is often quite distinct. Sure, the blackberries have been ripening slowly since August and the trees beginning to turn those incredible golds and russets, but they’re more of a slow-burn, a gradual shift. Suddenly, around about now, it actually starts to FEEL like autumn. There’s a marked chill in the air. An unmistakable crispness to the evenings. The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. Maybe you’ve even considered putting on the heating. You’ve definitely thought about being enveloped in oversized, woolly jumpers and Uggs. Or fluffy slippers, if you’re working from home…

Fall for Seasonal Best

As a florist in my pre-Handpicked by Henrietta days, I have always LOVED seasonal best. You just can’t beat it. Oh, the anticipation of early mornings at the flower market, looking forward to what I’d find there. That always filled me with excitement – every time there was a new surprise, and I’d never know what awaited me. Creative chefs must feel the same as each new season heralds new produce.

On a customer‘s recommendation, I recently visited the Fishermen’s Table in Marple. WHAT a delight. They have just launched their new autumn menu, making the most of the latest seasonal produce. All the dishes were SOOOO tempting, but I eventually plumped for garlic king prawns on a mango and pomegranate salsa. That was a very good decision.

Pomegranate? Nah…

Do you use pomegranate seeds in cooking? Game changer AND yet another easy way to add to your five-a-day. Do you enjoy Lebanese food? Try a Fattoush salad with your kebab or kofta: simple but lush. Anyway, since treating my tastebuds with this dish, I’ve used pomegranate in salads at home ALL the time and often try to recreate the Fisherman’s Table dish for hubby. It’s not QUITE there yet, so I’d keep trying. And - purely for research purposes, you understand - will revisit the Fisherman’s Table soon!

Ok, enough with the pomegranate, on to the actual subject. Oh, but wait. It turns out my entirely understandable pomegranate obsession has overflowed into wood-wicked candles that crackle delightfully, lamps and wax melts too. The deep, aromatic, almost spiced and luxuriously rich fragrance really suits the autumnal shift of weather. Pop in and try some scents for yourself, or settle in a comfy chair with a hot chocolate (laced with Bailey’s or Amaretto if you like) and have a little browse of the website. Think the White Company’s pomegranate scented oil or Jo Malone’s iconic Pomegranate Noir perfume.

Scents of the Season

Pomegranate is a perfect fragrance for autumn. A little bit sensual, a little bit smoky, it’s not vanilla sweet or freshly floral, but distinctive and warm, without being wintry (or, whisper it, Christmassy). Although, while you’re only whispering it, do start to think about it too. Make your list and check it twice… Then head back to that comfy chair and feast your eyes on all the handpicked loveliness. Hand Picked by Henrietta is all about gorgeous gifts for everyone. Want something extra-special? Just ask; we’ll do our very best to get it just right for you.

C Words – Cosy, Candle and Christmas

Anyway, back to autumn. For now, at least. These longer, darker nights lend themselves to cosy evenings in, ideally by a roaring fire with plush throws and cushions. Food with friends or family. Candlelight and red wine, or soup and a good book. What do you look forward to most about these cosy nights and crisp autumn days? Have you started to plan your Christmas gift list yet? Don’t forget to hint about what YOU want too – and if the kids, your bestie or your other half are a bit stumped, send them our way. We’ll make sure THEY get it right too.